"World-class quality and world-class service at a good price ! "    Dr. Tan Chang 

"On a scale of 1 to 10 Creative Dental Images is a 10 !"  Dr. John Mc Arthur

"Consistently great work and fair fees. They stand behind their work and keep us up-to-date on materials.Overall,this lab is the best ."Dr.Goodman.

"Prompt and reliable ,Creative Dental Images you can depend on ,for all your restorations." Dr. R Healy

"This is a lab you can trust " Dr.A Richardson

                                                                                              WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT ?

                      *Most lab out source their work    /  Us ,our work done here in Dedham MA.

                     *Most lab try to be a way from removable  / Us,half of our work is removable.

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                                                                         CREATIVE DENTAL IMAGES INC
                                                                                  265 WASHINGTON ST
                                                                                            DEDHAM MA
                                                                      TEL (781) 329-7080  FAX (781) 251-6696
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