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CREATIVE DENTAL IMAGES is the leading dental lab in New England. To date, we have manufactured over 100,000 restorations and our business is vastly growing. Our technicians on average have over 20 years worth of experience.

We use the highest quality products. We always stay abreast of technology when it comes to crowns and dentures with the latest techniques. Our lab has truly perfected the art of making the fake teeth looks real .

You're not working with a lab from a startup company; we have been in business for three decades. Some of our clients are the most elite doctors in New England.

CREATIVE DENTAL IMAGES - a full service dental laboratory servicing the dental industry for over 30 years. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products in a timely manner using the most advanced technology available. We employ a strict infection control protocol that sets standards for the industry. Double the security of your patient smile! It never hurts to ask questions in advance, it is encouraged to do so.
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All of our products are 100% American Made.

You can be rest assured that we NEVER send your work overseas, like more and more dental labs are doing these days. We take pride in using only the best  materials. You can count on Creative Dental Images for top notch products!

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